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Test del DNA Mitocondriale

You have the same maternal line? Descend from a common maternal ancestor? Perhaps you have
the same mother, grandmother or great-grandmother? If you need to have answers to these questions,
a mitochondrial DNA test could be helpful.

Ordina €329

Test del DNA Mitocondriale

Price: €329
Test: Two people sharing the maternal line
Timing: Result available within 14-16 days of receipt of the samples in our Office

X-SV female lineage test: mitochondrial DNA Test

Share a common maternal ancestor? Perhaps you have the same mother, the same grandmother or great-grandmother? If you need to have answers to these questions, an X-SV test female offspring could be the ideal test for you. This test can be performed between males and females and can conclusively say with absolute scientific certainty if you share the same maternal line.

How accurate is an X-SV test?

An X-SV test (structural variation abbreviation of the X chromosome) is a test that is based on the analysis of mitochondrial DNA in maternal transmission. Males and females inherit their mitochondrial DNA from the mother and the female always spend their mitochondrial DNA to their children. This test is very accurate because the mitochondrial DNA changes very rarely.

We can be sure that if two people have a corresponding mitochondrial DNA profile, are related with regard to the maternal line of the family. Our test is based on the comparison of 10 genetic markers.

The X-SV test is sometimes used by people who want to know if they have the same mother. In such cases, the International Biosciences suggest an X-SV tests (or mitochondrial DNA tests) as a second test option to maternity testing in cases where the mother is not available to be tested. If a mitochondrial DNA test is very accurate and confirms whether the people tested share the same maternal line, can not ‘altresi’ confirm whether the people tested have the same mother, the same grandmother or other female relative in common. It is up to the individuals tested draw their own conclusions as to which maternal ancestor share. A maternity test, of course, will tell if the mother has tested the biological mother or not. You can click here to learn more about our maternity tests .

Collect DNA samples

The International Biosciences has many years of experience in the industry and we understand that our customers want a procedure for DNA testing that is simple, fast and effective. This is the reason why we provide our kit for the collection of DNA samples. Our kit contains everything you need to collect their samples in a few simple steps using a painless procedure that involves simply rubbing the sterile buccal swabs inside the mouth for ten seconds. Instructions, pre-addressed return envelopes and forms are included in the kit.

Ancestral and Maternal Line Test

An X-SV test will tell you if you share a common maternal line with another person. It is a test in which you compare the mitochondrial DNA of two or more alleged relatives to see if they really have a biological relationship. Mitochondrial DNA is for trace a maternal line, and we also offer an ancestral test that considers the maternal line. Our maternal lineage test will help you dig deeper on the maternal line, since in addition to thousands of years ago. Please contact us for further questions.

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